Federal legislation is driving the need for Vapor Blasting in a $500 million market. CleanerBlast is the leading solution.

The Problem:
Corrosion is a destructive force degrading nearly any metal exposed to the elements. The global cost of corrosion is $2.5 trillion annually according to NACE International. Sandblasting has been used to clean metal surfaces for more than 120 years. Unfortunately, inhaling silica from sand or grit used in sandblasting can lead to silicosis, a debilitating and often fatal lung disease. Silica exposure threatens nearly 2 million U.S. workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) new regulations add significant restrictions on sandblasting so as to protect workers.

Now, sandblasting is often too costly.

The Solution:
Vapor Blasting is the sandblasting alternative. It uses compressed air, abrasive grit and water vapor to provide a wide spectrum of cleaning applications. Vapor Blasting significantly reduces dust and is safer to operate and perform work. It meets OSHA guidelines with significantly less cost. Based on revenue, the wet blasting segment of the sandblasting machine market will be approximately $500 million in 2025.

Most companies currently using sandblasting will be purchasing new vapor blasting machines in the next 5 years.

Introducing: CleanerBlast™
CleanerBlast is the leading vapor blasting solution for industrial and commercial corrosion needs. Founding in 2013 and based in Louisiana, CleanerBlast has built a solid foundation for growth. The CleanerBlast™ Gen V 700 is a high performance vapor blaster with rugged dependability in a compact, portable package.

  • 92% Less Dust

  • 80% Less Media Consumption

  • Greatly Reduces Waste Disposal

  • Much Safer to Operate

  • Cleaner Surface Results

We’re Saving Lives
Crystalline silica is a major respiratory hazard before, during and after blasting activities. It’s known to cause the lung disease silicosis. Dry blasting generates huge clouds of silica containing dust.  CleanerBlast machines are a great vapor blasting option. Each unit uses up to 90% less grit and generates up to 91.7% less dust & waste.

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