Gonzales, Feb 5, 2020 (Issuewire.com)  – Effective immediately, CleanerBlast has received approval on the ILO Exchange to adjust their ILO pricing structure with a forward split of 12 to 1. The new ILO unit price is $10 and current holders will be provided with additional units pro-rata.

Company Update. CleanerBlast is looking forward to an exciting year of growth!  During Q4 2019 CleanerBlast opened a rental division, CleanerBlast Industrial with a projected rental fleet increase of 309.091% by the end of Q1 2020.

On the manufacturing side, CleanerBlast is launching the newly designed stainless steel versions of the CBS-250 and CBS-700 during Q1 2020. In tandem with the new design changes, we have shored up manufacturing with increased capacity, shorter lead times and lower costs. We have been busy and very expectant! Join Us! Buy a CleanerBlast ILO today!

Not Familiar with ILO? The Initial License Offering platform welcomes a new movement. A new way for companies to partner with investors and connect with customers to create a new type of opportunity based around community, support and returns. The nature of ILOs ensures that when a company, like CleanerBlast, does well, you do well. How it works. Purchase an ILO, help promote the company and product, watch the company grow and reap the reward in royalties. Learn more about ILOs.

The very culture of the ILO platform is a community, social sharing and reaping the financial benefits of promoting start-up businesses you believe in. Our goal at CleanerBlast is to make it easier and more rewarding for people to become involved with the CleanerBlast ILO opportunity and community.

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