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CleanerBlast Systems Announces Rental Program Agreement With Large Gulf Coast Distributor

[Gonzales, LA, July 12, 2019] – CleanerBlast Systems and a leading established Gulf Coast based Distributor announces today they have entered into an exclusive rental program agreement. The program will supply a fleet of CleanerBlast vapor blast equipment for rent.

The evolution and impact of vapor blasting technology over the last decade is notable to say the least. As the industry has become more educated on the safety benefits, both operator and environmental, as well as the tremendous economic benefits, a new wave of acceptance and adoption of the technology has been experienced. There is exploding demand for CleanerBlast equipment and market segment projections support continued growth.  This rental program answers the call of the growing demand but is also much more than just a supply of machines available for rent.

The core of this rental program lies in the strategic partnership it represents. This partnership will present the industry with a responsive and competent service provider which includes a support team of experts who will provide in-field training and instruction, timely repairs and maintenance, along with process improvement consulting, incorporating chemicals that work in tandem with CleanerBlast equipment. This program will also provide a solution for short term equipment needs on critical projects. “I am very proud and look forward with great anticipation as we announce this partnership, both for how it uniquely supports our customers and benefits the industry as a whole,” said Todd Olson, President of CleanerBlast Systems.

An initial inventory of machines will be available for rent with scheduled inventory increases over the next 18 months, this values the equipment part of phase one alone at $1 Million. Jerry Fenley, CleanerBlast CTO said, “This is an active listening partnership. Our partners hear on a daily basis what our customers needs are. We listen and innovate solutions for those needs. This program is an ideal platform for testing and evolving our technology to better serve our industry.”

Pilot testing of the program was very successful. Both organizations have reported high levels of customer satisfaction which translates into equipment rented and demand for more.

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