Revolutionary Engineering Innovates Vapor Abrasive Blast Industry

Gonzales, LA, March 20, 2020 –
CleanerBlast Systems, recognized leader in vapor abrasive blast equipment innovation, is pleased to announce its new 5G-SS blasting system, designed for industrial markets such as oil and gas, marine, infrastructure, and municipal facilities. Innovations throughout the machine create a plug and play system that achieves higher reliability, productivity, economy and operator satisfaction than any comparable equipment on the market today.

The 5G-SS represents a series of design breakthroughs unseen in any vapor blasting machine currently on the market. “This machine is the culmination of 14 years of operator feedback, research and development”, said Jerry Fenley, Chief Technology Engineer, “The machine is designed to make the most of a single operator’s productivity through simplicity. Setup, fill, reload, surface rinse and maintenance times have been significantly reduced and machine reliability drastically increased through a complete, detailed analysis and re-engineering components and how they work together to produce value as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Innovation from the outside in begins with 316 stainless steel construction throughout to guarantee years of maintenance-free service, and welded construction of the frame and new fill tray that provides a handy platform for easy, rapid loading and prevent waste of abrasive media. “The choice of 316 stainless instead of 304 reflects our commitment to manufacturing only high-quality machines, years of reliability, and low maintenance requirements,” said Fenley.

A powerful and revolutionary pump system design cuts hopper fill time from industry trends of 15- 20 minutes down to 3-4 minutes for a 6.5 cu. ft hopper. Reloading the system with abrasive media and water can be completed in 5 minutes, compared to 20-30 minutes typically experienced using competitor vapor blast equipment.

Saving time filling is just one result of a new dual pump configuration featuring an HVLP pump that isolates hydraulics for accelerated fill and utility functions. Other benefits include water conservation control, extension of slurry ball valve service life 20 times the leading competitors, and a patent-pending remote rinse function that allows the operator to switch from blasting to rinsing and back in mere seconds right from the deadman handle, without walking back to a machine or the assistance of a hopper tender.

The inside of the machine is packed full of equally robust, versatile and time saving innovations including an intuitively designed control interface to get users up and blasting with less fuss, a specially engineered no-fail air inlet valve, unique no-fail custom pinch valve and purpose-built airflow system that minimizes energy waste and pressure drops.

The 5G-SS revolutionizes the blasting experience. The control interface condenses main operation controls to a single panel for easy, intuitive use when dialing in precise grit mixtures for accurate, consistent “set-it-and-forget-it” blast patterns, shift after shift.

New users and rental companies enjoy peace of mind, as the machine is built for high performance and quick recovery. Even when operator error occurs, catastrophic damage to the system does not. Says Kirk Chrisman, Business Development Manager at B&H Distributors, Inc, “The operator just needs to shut down, breathe, and re-start. No harm done. 95% of the time, simple over the phone coaching is all it takes to get the system going again. I get very few callbacks once the first operator is trained due to the simplicity of the system,” said Chrisman.

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