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Wet Instead of Dry Blasting
Crystalline silica is a major respiratory hazard before, during and after blasting activities. It’s known to cause the lung disease silicosis. Dry blasting generates huge clouds of silica containing dust.  CleanerBlast machines are a great vapor blasting option. Each unit uses up to 90% less grit and generates up to 91.7% less dust & waste.

On a Mission
We’re dedicated to building CleanerBlast machines to arm workers with the safest, most effective blasting machine possible. Workers should have to fear for their health and safety when they’re doing their job. Our mission is to build a national brand workers in the vapor blasting industry can trust.


Support our cause by purchasing a membership in the Royalty Plan.

Members earn 10% of revenues as a royalty



$10 Per License


Receive royalties paid annually
based on number of licenses held


1 License = $10


Year 1______ $5

Year 2_____ $15

Year 3_____ $25


100 Licenses = $1000


Year 1______ $500

Year 2_____ $1,500

Year 3_____ $2,500

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A Royalty Plan subscription is $10 for a unit. We’re selling up to 240,000 units. Once a year, we take 10% of our revenue and divide it by the number of units sold to determine the royalty paid per unit. The royalty pot for 2020 is projected to be $260,000.

We use the ILO for membership payments.
It gives you the best value.

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The Initial License Offering (ILO) entitles
license owners to a percentage
of the company’s future revenue.